About Us

We live in a world where every other kid aspires to be a space pioneer. STAR is a Space Education & Research based startup that firmly believes that Space is for Everyone. We provide Project-Based Learning and Hands-on Experience on space technologies to the young minds. We are an experienced team with 5+ years of experience in building state of art technologies.


To make Space Education accessible for everyone


To provide project-based learning experience for the overall development of aspiring space pioneers



MakerSPACE is a technologically equipped workplace that provides the 4th generation technologies for students to design, build, and test space technology based systems. MakerSPACE consists of Rocket Assembly & Test Area, Satellite Simulation Platform, and Lunar Soil Simulant to perform various tests and simulations. We provide training and project-based learning experience to aspiring space pioneers. Students can explore and implement their learnings to experiment and build innovations. 

Virtual Training & Internship Program

Virtual Training & Internship Program is a 30-Day program focused on providing project-based learning and hands-on experience to aspiring space pioneers. Students will be exposed to the real-life space based challenge to work on. No prior knowledge or experience needed to work on the problem statement. Our programs are open for all, irrespective of your gender, religion, nationality, disabilities and other things. As we firmly believe, space is for everyone!


Masterclass is a series of LIVE online sessions dedicated to provide learning experience on various space technologies. Masterclass sessions focus on basic & advanced concepts of space based technologies such as rockets, satellites, and rovers. No prior knowledge is needed to attend the sessions. Our programs are open for all, irrespective of your gender, religion, nationality, disabilities and other things. As we firmly believe, space is for everyone!

Rocket Masterclass

Satellite Masterclass

Our Team


STAR have successfully completed 5 years of operation. To celebrate and share our feeling of gratitude,
we are providing a FREE E-Book on ROCKET SCIENCE 101 to everyone.

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Kirubel Endale

It was one of the best thing happened to me in 2020. I've learned so many things in 30 days, not only technical knowledge but also a lesson for life ! The experience was exceptional, It helps me to realize and grow not only in my professional life, but personal life as well. Thank you STAR

Sri venkat

I had an opportunity to intern with STAR! I’d say it’s Amazing! Just go for it! Got the professional experience I was looking out for and a healthy work environment, learnt team management and I’d say my problem solving skills have gotten more quicker. On a whole just Loved it! The important part I had a lot more fun! 💙💯

kulvir chavda Designation

The experience at STAR was extremely informative and professional! Along with great technical knowledge, they provided experience in a real work environment - learning to be a leader, functioning in a team, etc. It was an awesome and fun time, loved it!

Tahsin Hossain

STAR is an extraordinary example of a Space Startup, working towards their goal to make 'Space for Everyone' through providing a global learning platform along with research based works in aerospace industry. It is a great platform for learning about space, technology, research and startups. Do reach out to them for collaboration, research works and any kind of help regarding space engineering!

Jaywant Puntambekar

One of the best internship I ever had. Great platform to learn as well as execute. Great team of mentors to guide and help u along for the same. Thank you STAR for this amazing experience.

Saksham Arya

STAR is THE place to be if you want to gain experience, and have wholesome learning. I would highly recommend everyone to attend the webinars and don't miss the opportunity to join VTIP (Virtual training and internship program). Overall an amazing experience!!!

Suryansh Tiwari

As a place to learn online and intern, it helps a lot !! the seniors are amazing, the faculty is amazing as well An engineer likes intuitive skilled base learning, and it definitely helped me in that sense. I am proud to say that I got to learn a lot from these amazing passionate people, who will definitely make a name for themselves.

Aaruni Sharma

One of the best work cultures that I have witnessed so far. The VTIP program is truly amazing with all the components involved. Great platform for learning about rocketry and related sciences as well as the work that goes behind a startup. Had a great experience.

G Sathvik

Amazing Company!! Their classes, workshops and internships are of a different level!! Amazing team of innovative people being led by a charismatic Sunny Sir......Best place to actually start your journey in Rockets and Aerospace Engineering!!!!