Model Rocketry

Model Rocketry

In today’s era, the word rocket science has caught up with a new buzz in the young community’s mind. Everyone or the other is interested to have a step or two in this. Don’t you?  It is, right?

Because the word ‘Rocket Science’ itself proclaims to be so interesting that who would not love to have a sneak peek into it. So aren’t you interested enough to know about it from us?

Fasten your seat belt and get ready to fly with us.

 Model Rocketry sounds amazing because of its wrong definition which is to build ‘ready to build’ rockets and fly them. Whereas, the originality in it is different as rocket modelling is a study that revolves around designing, launching and making small scale rockets.

So, coming back to history it says that the emerging of it drives back to thirteen century where the Chinese people used it as weapon which was filled with black flammable substance. Moreover, with the passage of time it kept on updating and upgrading according to the different applications it came into highlight. And now, its most appropriate application is for learning purpose to drive the inspiration of young minds to the firm decision of being a scientist or an engineer.

Moving further, les know about the usual design and construction of model rockets. Model rockets are usually build using lightweight materials like, cardboard, plastic and even 3D printed materials. It consists of nose cone, fins and even motor to give it the required thrust to reach a certain height. This construction just highlights the usual use of model rockets. There are variations made in even this too. You can change even have compartments to attach sensors,
the small satellite, parachute mechanism and more.

The first rocket model company was an American firm named Model Missiles Incorporated (MMI). It was set up by a person name Stine where he used firecracker for the same. But this lead to delivery and many co-related problems hence, this forced him to stop his company. But, that was not the full stop but the ignition in other inquisitive minds.

There are even certain rules and regulations you need to abide by for making model rockets and launching it even. You need to follow them to carry on the same. Though, you don’t worry because what if you cannot go America for the same. We at STAR are here for you get you the best of high powered model rockets.

Here at STAR (Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocketry), we would guide you through the thick and thin of model rocketry. Because we don’t have the habit to create an unnecessary hype of making complex things more tangling. Rather, we help you untangle it and present before you in the most amazing manner.

Moreover, learning model rocketry will help you a lot in now and even in future for you to aspire to be the next passenger in the NASA mission or be the mission director even!!

Happy Reading!


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